CUDA’s MC Workshop Photo’s

Workshop Description:

CUDA/Hasan Salaam: Creative Writing Class – Age range: 13-18 years old. 

The objective of the CUDA Creative Writing Class is to assist students in recognizing their full potential expressing themselves in all aspects; MC’ing, Song Writing, and Poetry. This will be accomplished through creative writing exercises, Hip-Hop/music history lessons, live show rehearsals, music theory, and positive reinforcement of honest self expression.  Each class will have 3 parts minimum-
1) Hip-Hop/Music History
2) Creative Writing Time
3) End of Class Cipher(Group sharing).

The benefits of being able to express ones’ self not only open up the doors of communication in everyday life, it also instills self confidence and can lead to educational and career opportunities in the future. 

Learning Objectives: By the end of the semester the student will be able to-
1) Identify and discuss at least 3 musical figures who have contributed to the growth of our culture.
2) Express themselves by writing original lyrics/poetry.
3) Perform their own original work with confidence. Culmination:
The End of the Semester will end with a public performance for the families and friends of the students as well as the community.


Enjoy our photos from our MC Workshop for the youth.
Photos are taken by: GREY

  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-2
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-19
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-18
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-17
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-16
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-15
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-14
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-13
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-11
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-10
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-1
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-12
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-20
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-21
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-22
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-23
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-24
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-25
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-26
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-27
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-28
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-29
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-3
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-30
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-31
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-32
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-33
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-34
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-35
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-36
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-37
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-38
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-39
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-4
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-5
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-6
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-7
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-8
  • cudas-mc-workskshop-2013-9

If you have any pictures you would like to share you can do so below.

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